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  Having kids to take care while working even at home is not an easy job. Aside from the fact that I am busy managing Lularoe clothing, I have three kids to look after. Nevertheless, I am still able to manage everything despite the fact I am multitasking; what's my secret? Actually, I don't think […]


Having kids to take care while working even at home is not an easy job. Aside from the fact that I am busy managing Lularoe clothing, I have three kids to look after. Nevertheless, I am still able to manage everything despite the fact I am multitasking; what's my secret? Actually, I don't think what I do is still considered secret as many parents are already doing it, and it works.

The only thing that's very important is to get to know your children well. In this way, you can easily find things that can make them interested. The key is to convince them to do certain activities that keep them busy. This will enable you to other jobs; moreover, you don't have to invest so much money in activities for kids. There are inexpensive and thought-provoking options you can resort to.

To give you some ideas, here are several activities for kids that can keep your children busy.

music with kids1. Music Lessons

Although not all kids are interested in music, playing musical instruments can become more fun for them, especially if you have such instruments at home. Your goal is to get them interested in playing musical instruments, and this is only possible if they know and appreciate what they do.

Some kids are interested in playing the guitar while others are interested in playing the piano. Before you enroll them in a music lesson, show them some interesting videos of talented kids playing musical instruments as this will probably encourage them to do the same. I believe that kids are by nature competitive, and they want to do what others do.

The best way to get started is to buy them a musical instrument they might be interested in. After a while, they might get curious on how to play it; don't wait until their curiosity subsides. Hire a music tutor to help you figure out where to begin. Getting them engaged is part of every music lesson.

kid activities chess2. Chess Competitions

Chess is usually the past time of many people as playing with others who also have the same skills, and interest makes the game strategic and interesting. However, this approach may not apply to your kids because they may find it boring. What can boost their interest in chess is the thought of competition with other kids.

Try to organize a simple chess competition in your community, which involves young children. Otherwise, look for existing tournaments or chess club which your kids may join. This may help you save more time and money organizing. You can motivate your kids to get busy with chess games by rewarding them with something they wish to have at home.

When you kids start playing chess, they will start getting along with other players who might inspire them to keep playing until it becomes their hobby. The benefit of playing chess is that your kids will be trained to think rationally and strategically at young age.

martial arts with kids3. Martial Arts

Most kids regardless of their gender tend to become interested in martial arts after watching some movies with fight scenes, especially if they entail karate or "kung Fu." While guiding your kids whenever they watch some violent shows, you can encourage them to enroll in martial arts lesson instead of encouraging them to watch some violent shows.

In this way, they will start learning that martial arts is not just for self-defense, but also for self-discipline. There are some martial arts programs in which students learn and join a competition after a series of sessions. There are many types of martial arts, and your kids should be able to choose which type is the one they wish to develop.

It is true that Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee may no longer be significant for young kids today the way baby boomers used to love them, but martial arts is still one of the most exciting activities many kids will surely want to try.

cooking with kids4. Cooking

You don't need to enroll your kids in an outdoor program when it comes to cooking. At home, you can encourage your kids to learn how to cook some simple meals. There are many resources online that are free and informative. As a matter of fact, some people learn how to cook at home while watching some YouTube videos.

You can do the same at home. Ask your kids to try cooking some easy meals like fried eggs, macaroni and cheese, or hotdogs. Soon, you can ask them to watch some helpful videos about cooking, and have them experiment on their own. What you need is to provide them the necessary ingredients and guide them in following some steps.

Nowadays, there are lots of kids out there who know how to cook better than chefs. They start with preparing simple meals and develop some more recipes that are original and unique. If your kids start cooking at home, imagine the time and energy you can save to cook for the rest of them because they will do the job for you while teaching them this very important lesson at home.

kid activities art5. Art Workshops

There are some kid's clubs that organize some art workshops where they can develop or enhance their talent. If you think your kids are interested in paintings, you can look for art workshop to join. Nevertheless, art is not just about painting or sculptures. There are many things your kids can explore such as paper-mache, poster making, and more.

It helps if you bring your kids to a nearby art museum or gallery at first. Afterward, inspire them to create their own artwork using whatever is available at home. When your kids become more and more interested, buy them some tools and have them join an art workshop.


Finding ways to keep your kids busy is not really difficult. There are a lot of activities you can have them engaged. However, the ever-changing interest of children can make it more difficult to decide which activity you can use to get them busy. This is because there are times they like doing a certain thing and hate doing it suddenly. Nonetheless, the activities above are good options you can try.